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Accreditation opens up new opportunities
  • Why ALAB?
    ALAB offers a new proposition in the laboratory sector. We emphasize efficiency by not using volunteer assessors. All our assessors are rewarded for their work and this results in a win-win situation - our clients win because response and reporting times are drastically reduced and our people win because they are able to be recompensed fairly for their time.
  • What documents do I need to submit to ALAB?
    Once you apply for accreditation we ask that you arrange for the following documents to be submitted for review by ALAB. These may be uploaded directly to the ALAB Portal via your client login. - Proposed Scope - List of authorized signatories - Training records - Records of competency assessments - Test methods (in-house and external) - Calibration program - Evidence of traceability - Proficiency testing participation - Sample of your test/calibration reports - Quality manual - Procedures manual or equivalent
  • How do I prepare my lab for assessment?
    Preparing for the assessment is the easy part! No special preparation is necessary but we would ask that, - you perform an internal audit and a management review to identify any opportunities for improvement prior to the accreditation assessment; and, - you ask all your staff to be present for at least part of the assessment so we have an opportunity to meet them and interview them about their jobs.
  • What if I have a conflict of interest with one of ALAB's team members?
    Being a third-party assessment body, ALAB makes every effort to ensure that team members involved in your accreditation project have no conflict of interest with you, your organization or any members of your management team. If you believe such a conflict of interest does exist then we are more than happy to reconfigure the assessment team to ensure all members are able to work completely impartially.
  • How do I go about answering ALAB's findings?
    ALAB raises action items in the form of 'nonconformities'. These are concise statements of noncompliance with the accreditation Standard. Since ALAB is a quality-based organization we encourage our clients to approach findings as follows: 1) Correction. Devise and implement an immediate fix to the problem which was cited by the ALAB team. 2) Root Cause. Analyse the problem to find the root cause. 3) Corrective Action. Discuss the root cause with your management team and develop a strategy to ensure that the problem won't happen again.

For any question not answered above please don't hesitate to enquire:

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