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Who we are and what we do

ALAB is Australia's independent laboratory accreditation body. We offer impartial and efficient accreditation of test laboratories and calibration laboratories. ALAB's management and assessor personnel are experienced in accreditation operations and laboratory assessment and our technical assessors are respected professionals in their individual fields.

Good to know...

The basic rules for how ALAB's accreditation works and the basic responsibilities of laboratories who receive accreditation from ALAB are defined in ALAB's 'Rules Governing'. This  document is registered by the ACCC and available from IP Australia

ALAB Services

Our services are built around the concept of third-party assessment and attestation. We use internationally-benchmarked processes that provide labs with the confidence that once accredited they can demonstrate to their clients that their test and calibration reports can be relied upon.

Adding Value

ALAB's conformity assessment services add value to laboratories by helping them to minimise risk and give confidence to their customers.

Our approach is not just concerned with testing methodology - we also places emphasis on the management systems that enable labs to operate consistently all of the time.

Accreditation for the benefit of our Australian community

ALAB provides accreditation with the prime objective of enhancing confidence for the benefit of all who rely upon accurate, reliable testing and calibration. We are a fully-independent not-for-profit charity and 100% Australian.

Australian Laboratories have a Choice

ALAB was established to provide choice to laboratories who want to work with an accreditation body based in Australia.

Standards-based Accreditation

ALAB operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011. We perform laboratory accreditation by independently assessing compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 - the international best-practice Standard for testing and calibration laboratories.


ALAB is a third-party accreditation body and as such is committed to maintaining confidentiality of client information. Read more about privacy here

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