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Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation

Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation

What is APAC?

APAC (Click here) is an international forum of accreditation bodies with the aim harmonizing accreditation practice throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


APAC is a recognized regional cooperation by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and membership of APLAC's mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) is equivalent to membership of the ILAC MRA.

What is the ILAC / APAC MRA?

The MRA is a mechanism that benchmarks the accreditation practice of an accreditation body (within a particular technical scope - for example, acoustics) against ISO/IEC 17011 and APAC policies and procedures.

What is ALAB's relationship with APAC?

ALAB is currently an Affiliate Member of APAC. As such, we participate in APAC meetings and our business is guided by APAC policies and procedures. 

For more information about APAC, Mutual Recognition Arrangements and international cooperation in general, please contact us

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