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We are Australia's private enterprise laboratory accreditation body. Our team is made up of conformity assessment professionals who share a commitment to excellence in testing and calibration, and the integrity of their work - for the benefit of Industry and the whole community.


ALAB provides accreditation against the international best practice Standard for laboratories - ISO/IEC 17025:2017. We independently assess laboratories' documented systems and then conduct on-site visits to review and evaluate the implementation of laboratory processes. 

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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is still in transition. ALAB has adopted the ILAC recommendations for transition timeframe and our policy is for all labs to be accredited to the new Standard in accordance with ILAC and APAC policies. Currently the deadline is 1st June 2021 (6-month extension due to COVID-19 restrictions). That might seem like a long way off - but as we all know, time flies! ALAB is able to provide special gap-assessments to labs who are still transitioning their own systems

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On 1st January 2019, the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation and the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation merged to form a single entity - the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation, or APAC. APAC is a peer membership body for accreditation bodies throughout Asia and the Pacific. ALAB is an Associate Member of APAC and is working towards full MRA membership.

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